KATIE HAKE // Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director

Katie Hake has been working with the Tracks production since it’s early stages of pre-production. A photographer, writer, and Dartmouth grad, Katie has solidified her role as Production Manager; keeping the team organized, on schedule, and under deadline. Katie’s abilities don’t stop there, however. She is the head of Tracks' social media marketing and strategy as well as venturing into story consulting and conception. Katie is an avid outdoors woman and will spend a month this summer in (Utah??) leading teams of young students on backpacking retreats.


BEAU BATCHELOR // Co-Director, Co-Writer, Producer

Beau Batchelor has been a freelance screenwriter since 2014 and has been working for Bearwalk Cinema since early 2017. Beginning his career as an actor in films like Joy (2015) he attributes his transition into filmmaking to being on set with visionary directors like David O’Russell. His scripts are all non-fiction and vary from short-films, Night Light (Writer, Producer, 2017), Under the Stars (Writer Producer, 2016) to feature films, Home Again (Writer, Editor, Producer), Where It Takes Us (Writer, Producer) and his feature film directorial debut Tracks (Co-Writer, Co-Director, Producer). Beau’s passions lay with engaging stories. Often diving deep into the world he is writing about he believes stories are the best way to get new ideas into the world. “Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever."


SETH HOLME // Assistant Production Manager, Second Assistant Director, Assistant Camera

Seth Holme has begun his professional film career on the production of Tracks and with Bearwalk Cinema. His interest in film, however, is far from just beginning. A graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Seth has been making movies, designing, and writing since he was a child; propelling himself through his studies and onto the Tracks production team as a valuable asset. As assistant production manager, Seth is responsible for creating another level of organization for the team and the production. Although having an important role in pre-production, Seth’s true talents will be thrown into the light during principal and on set production when he is behind a camera an assisting the cinematographer.