A feature film about escaping hardship during America’s opioid epidemic.



Promises get broken. Things get in the way. People change. Casey, a pharmacist technician in a small coastal town during the peak of America's opioid epidemic is not immune to these realities. As a kid she promised her one true love that she would never leave him behind after his parents tragically died in a car accident. A bond that was further strengthened when Casey sought shelter from her vile step mother. Now, as an adult, Casey can’t hold true to the promise she made so many years ago because of one thing, five year old Emma. Does she abandon Emma to chase after Jon? It isn’t until an unforeseen love affair presents itself that Casey does what she has known all along.



"Less than 1 percent of opioid users become addicted.”

Was the lie fed to patients and administering doctors by sales people of big name drug manufacturers in the United States during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when selling their new, ultra effective, drug; Oxycontin.

The figure came from a single paragraph report in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1980 describing hospitalized patients briefly given the opioids. Doctors never thought twice, thinking they were doing the right thing by taking care of their patients while Big Pharma was just beginning it’s stomp towards it’s brand new multi-billion dollar opioid and pain management industry (Set to hit over $18 billion by 2020).

The ones at fault also failed to account for the avalanche of self-administered take home abusers that would fall addicts because of this lie. Opioids, namely Oxycontin, could be found easily over the counter based off of one patient to doctor consultation exclaiming chronic pain as the problem. The smart users took advantage of the system, taking in multiple doctors at different offices and selling their extra drugs to support their addiction. Once Oxys became too expensive, however, users switched to Heroin, a cheaper, higher synthesized and deadlier form of opiate and the death toll shot up

The facts are that in Massachusetts alone in the year 2014, opiate death tolls toppled 1,000. In other states, like in the Mid-West, which has been flattened by opiate related deaths, figures are the same or worse.



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As filmmakers we believe that movies are the best way to get new ideas into the world. The best way to challenge and change the status quo. The best way to create awareness. Tracks is a feature length, independent, fiction film.



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